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MAngband High Scores

These are the scores for Version 1.1.0-beta1

Dead characters who made it to level 20 get a fully detailed character dump, click on the character name to view it. Click on monster names for more information too.

High Level Dead,High Level Alive,All Alive (over level 5),All dead (over level 5)

High Level Dead

ScoreNameLevel / ClassKilled byDepthDate
115155500WarriorLevel 50 Dunadan Warrioran earthquake6300ft2008-03-31
214036819MaegdaeLevel 50 Dwarf Warriora Greater Balrog5650ft2008-03-29
37133529JugLevel 50 Dwarf Warriora Greater Balrog5650ft2008-03-29
42510658MaegdaeLevel 43 Dwarf Warriora Nether hound3800ft2008-03-24
52128287ZalMagLevel 39 Dunadan Magea Greater titan2800ft2008-03-28
61993360ZalMagLevel 39 Dunadan Mage(the world ended)0ft(today)
71707071MaegdaeLevel 41 Dwarf Warriora Lesser titan2750ft2008-03-21
81145285AzumethLevel 37 Dunadan Warrior(the world ended)0ft(today)
9920807AphsparLevel 36 High-Elf Warriora Plasma hound2750ft2008-03-31
10709983ZalMagLevel 34 Dunadan Magean Ethereal dragon2150ft2008-03-28
11637006WarriorLevel 34 Dunadan Warriora 7-headed hydra2400ft2008-03-24
12546169WarriorLevel 34 Dunadan Warrioran Ancient multi-hued dragon2000ft2008-03-21
13462251VonnesLevel 33 High-Elf Warriora Death drake1750ft2008-03-19
14448930ZalLevel 34 Dwarf PriestKavlax the Many-Headed2050ft2008-03-26
15393711JugLevel 34 Dwarf WarriorUngoliant, the Unlight1850ft2008-03-24
16360665KarisLevel 32 High-Elf Magethe strain of casting Banishmen2000ft2008-03-21
17298231KamrinLevel 33 Half-Orc Roguea Gravity hound1750ft2008-03-30
18283493ZalMagLevel 31 Dunadan MageThe Phoenix1850ft2008-03-27
19274506MaegdaeLevel 33 Dwarf Warriora Greater basilisk1750ft2008-03-18
20237030VonnesLevel 31 High-Elf WarriorUngoliant, the Unlight1750ft2008-03-19
21234868ZalWarLevel 31 Dunadan Warriora Dread1950ft2008-03-26
22228382ZaxxLevel 32 Dwarf Warrior(the world ended)0ft(today)
23218014KarisLevel 30 High-Elf MageKavlax the Many-Headed1600ft2008-03-28
24172196CrimsonLevel 29 High-Elf Ranger(the world ended)0ft(today)
25155336BlackenedLevel 30 High-Elf Warriora Young multi-hued dragon1850ft2008-03-19
26151017KamrinLevel 31 Half-Orc Rogue(the world ended)0ft(today)
27136567KarisLevel 29 High-Elf Magea Gravity hound1550ft2008-03-28
28119957ZalLevel 30 Dwarf Priesta Greater basilisk1600ft2008-03-18
29117572OwenLevel 30 Half-Orc RogueBeorn, the Shape-Changer1500ft2008-03-21
30100717VonnesLevel 28 High-Elf Warriora Greater basilisk2000ft2008-03-25
3177358VonnesLevel 28 High-Elf Warriora Death knight1950ft2008-03-21
3273987VonnesLevel 28 High-Elf Warrioran Ancient multi-hued dragon1400ft2008-03-21
3373987AzumethLevel 28 Dunadan WarriorSmaug the Golden2250ft2008-03-25
3468880TerdFergesonLevel 29 Dwarf WarriorShagrat, the Orc Captain1400ft2008-03-31
3561119BillseyLevel 28 Half-Elf Ranger(the world ended)0ft(today)
3655618UnauthorizedLevel 27 High-Elf Warrior(the world ended)0ft(today)
3754785KazeLevel 28 Kobold Ranger(the world ended)0ft(today)
3850987ZalLevel 27 Dwarf Priesta Gorgimaera1350ft2008-03-18
3948892NilLevel 28 Half-Orc WarriorBert the Stone Troll1900ft2008-03-19
4047805SIR IGGYLevel 26 High-Elf Paladin(the world ended)0ft(today)
4147805SIR IGGYLevel 26 High-Elf Paladina Bat of Gorgoroth1600ft2008-03-31
4247489VonnesLevel 26 High-Elf Warriora Sabre-tooth tiger1300ft2008-03-20
4340813AcenoidLevel 27 Dwarf Paladin(the world ended)0ft(today)
4435840TerdFergesonLevel 27 Dwarf Warriora Giant white rat1400ft2008-03-31
4531492ZenithLevel 25 High-Elf Magea Scroll mimic1100ft2008-03-27
4626616ZenithLevel 24 High-Elf Mage(the world ended)0ft(today)
4722262KamrinLevel 25 Half-Orc Roguea Chimaera1100ft2008-03-27
4820814MachesthaiLevel 23 High-Elf Warrioran Air hound1400ft2008-03-22
4919658TerdFergesonLevel 25 Dwarf Warrior(the world ended)0ft(today)
5019414ZalLevel 24 Dwarf PriestAngamaite of Umbar1150ft2008-03-25
5119204ZalMagLevel 22 High-Elf Magea Water hound1200ft2008-03-19
5216401JugLevel 24 Dwarf Warriora Cold hound1050ft2008-03-17
5315196MachesthaiLevel 21 High-Elf WarriorLugdush, the Uruk1550ft2008-03-24
5414443AphsparLevel 21 High-Elf Warriora Black orc1200ft2008-03-27
5513817VonnesLevel 21 High-Elf WarriorItangast the Fire Drake600ft2008-03-19
5612676HumaLevel 23 Kobold Warrioran Energy hound800ft2008-03-19
5712443ZaxxLevel 23 Dwarf Warrioran Air hound1000ft2008-03-25
5812030BillseyLevel 22 Half-Elf Rangeran Uruk550ft2008-03-26
5911543BrecciaLevel 22 Half-Troll Warrioran Earth hound1200ft2008-03-27
609614TerdFergesonLevel 21 Dwarf Warriora fatal wound950ft2008-03-29
619509KamrinLevel 21 Half-Orc RogueBolg, Son of Azog800ft2008-03-22
628702BrecciaLevel 20 Half-Troll WarriorUlwarth, Son of Ulfang1300ft2008-03-26
637400HumaLevel 20 Kobold WarriorGorbag, the Orc Captain1050ft2008-03-24