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MAngband Monster Information

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Vecna, the Emperor Lich
Depth: 4600ft Rarity: 3 Speed: +20 Hitpoints: 60d100 AC: 100 Exp: 32767
The greatest of all undead sorcerers, even the gods once feared him. This ancient shadow of death wilts every living thing it passes. This evil undead creature is normally found at a depth of 4600ft and moves very quickly. He is magical, casting spells intelligently which teleport-self, blind, terrify, cause mortal wounds, cause brain smashing, invoke mana storms, produce mana bolts, produce fire balls, produce nether balls, summon monsters, summon Greater Demons, summon Greater Undead or summon similar monsters; 1 time in 2. He can open doors and bash down doors. He is cold blooded. He is immune to fire, lightning, cold and poison. He cannot be confused or slept. He is ever vigilant for intruders, which he may notice from 1000 feet. He usually appears with escorts. He may carry up to 18 exceptional objects. He can hit to lower experience with damage 7d12, hit to reduce dexterity with damage 7d12, hit to drain charges with damage 7d12 and hit to drain charges with damage 7d12.

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Heros slain by this creature

  • Greyshoe the level 44 Dwarf Rogue (27 Jan 14)
  • Zapoila the level 33 High-Elf Mage (8 Sep 13)
  • Greyshoe the level 43 Dwarf Rogue (16 Jul 13)
  • Qualta Blade the level 33 High-Elf Mage (13 May 13)