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MAngband Monster Information

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Elder vampire
Depth: 2700ft Rarity: 3 Speed: +10 Hitpoints: 30d100 AC: 90 Exp: 4500
A terrible robed undead figure, this creature has existed in its unlife for many centuries by stealing the life of others. It can summon the very shades of its victims from beyond the grave to come enslaved to its aid. This evil undead creature is normally found at a depth of 2700ft and moves quickly. It is magical, casting spells which paralyze, terrify, cause critical wounds, cause mortal wounds, drain mana, cause brain smashing, create darkness, produce nether bolts or summon an undead; 1 time in 5. It can open doors, bash down doors and pass through walls. It is invisible. It is cold blooded. It regenerates quickly. It is hurt by bright light. It is immune to fire, cold and poison. It cannot be confused or slept. It is fairly observant of intruders, which it may notice from 200 feet. It may carry up to 9 good objects or treasures. It can hit to attack with damage 4d6, hit to attack with damage 4d6, bite to lower experience with damage 5d6 and bite to lower experience with damage 5d6.

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Heros slain by this creature

  • Durin the level 28 Dwarf Rogue (15 Sep 17)
  • Greyshoe the level 22 Dwarf Rogue (15 Sep 17)
  • Sneakie the level 39 High-Elf Rogue (18 Mar 16)
  • WeBuyIndyHouses the level 31 Dunadan Paladin (23 Jul 12)