More disturbance options for bullet time

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More disturbance options for bullet time

Post by serina » Sun 01.11.2009, 16:02

Hello. I just spoke to Billsey about this :)

There sohuld probably be added an option to disturb whenever something moves within 3-5 spaces of you or whenever a "known" wall is crushed.

Else it'd be very tough to rest, and wake up with Morgoth right next to you. A few turns to reach for *dest* would be incredible in this case, as otherwise you cannot rest at Morgoth depth without being faster than he is.


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Re: More disturbance options for bullet time

Post by Emulord » Wed 08.09.2010, 05:03

Probably seeing ANY enemy should disturb also unless you restart it with them in view. That was my least favorite part of bullettime in PWMangband, running into them and dying

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Re: More disturbance options for bullet time

Post by PowerWyrm » Wed 08.09.2010, 12:39

disturb_near: disturbs once a monster gets in LOS
disturb_move: disturbs once a visible monster (not necessarily in LOS) moves

Usually I check the first option and not the second. This will prevent running into monsters. If you're paranoid, check the second one too, so anything (like morgy) coming at you will disturb you once visible.

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Re: More disturbance options for bullet time

Post by schroeder » Wed 08.09.2010, 18:27

That doesn't mean their shouldn't be an option in between, where a monster who can get to you would disturb you, but others wouldn't.
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