Reduce drop rate on (bad) arts

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Reduce drop rate on (bad) arts

Post by Emulord » Fri 22.10.2010, 18:58

People find arts too much as a whole. We should not have the same drop rate as Vanilla because there are more players and we have more egos to compensate.
That being said, we find crap daggers and gloves WAY too much, to the point of people making low level characters run into the wilderness and suicide so that no one finds them anymore. This is sad and should not be a part of the game. If someone found a crapdagger once every great while they would go "oh hey lol that art sucks" instead of "NOT YOU AGAIN! wasting a excellent slot!"

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Re: Reduce drop rate on (bad) arts

Post by Warrior » Sat 23.10.2010, 19:16

I agree. Something should (and will) be done with the rarities of many/most things. I'm tempted to create a thread to discuss the rarities of items right away but will wait a little, but if people give the rarities (and perhaps also the depths) of things some thought that'd be cool.
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