Looking at the grid

New ideas, features you wish were in the game.
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Looking at the grid

Post by Gaël » Thu 22.08.2013, 19:32

A few tiles might benefit from a change somewhere. I am particularly thinking of "A water", "A crops" and "A loose dirt".

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Re: Looking at the grid

Post by Flambard » Fri 15.11.2013, 13:39

Could you be more specific?

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Re: Looking at the grid

Post by Avenger » Fri 15.11.2013, 16:07

I think he means the way the game refers to them - none of those descriptors are grammatically correct, while the game does have the ability to apply proper grammar to most words.

Along these lines, I notice that on the statistics page, dead Half Elf and High Elf characters are referred to with the plural "*elves", while Dwarf characters are referred to as "dwarfs". While "dwarfs" is technically the correct English plural, we're playing a Tolkienian game - the proper plural is Dwarves. At least there should be consistency between pluralizations, that is, elfs and dwarfs, or elves and dwarves, not some mixture.

As always, grammatical issues pale in importance when compared to real bugs as far as priority of correction - but of course, they're also much easier to fix ;)

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