**QUEEN** Ascii

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**QUEEN** Ascii

Post by Ashi » Sat 13.12.2008, 20:13

a.k.a - How not to play a mage


This is now my new favorite vault for morg.... it's very efficient. I was lucky this time, only 2 mana storms during the whole fight, and no big damage spells stacked one on top of another. I kept spamming heals, even though it slowed the fight down, just to be safe.


This makes 3 consecutive victories against Morgoth, all in one week! Take that! Warrior put up the rest of our Morgoth videos here: http://www.mangband.org/Main/Videos

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Re: **QUEEN** Ascii

Post by Maegdae » Sun 14.12.2008, 00:47

I love seeing MoDs wreck it up, and that's certainly the best. Also shows you don't need *healing* or life for Morg.. very nice win, and definitely deserved. Congratulations.
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Re: **QUEEN** Ascii

Post by serina » Sun 14.12.2008, 19:29

Congrats Ascii ;)

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Re: **QUEEN** Ascii

Post by PowerWyrm » Mon 15.12.2008, 12:59

Wow! A mage win without using spells...
Note that at 00:35 you had 115/874 HP left (after a mana storm)... and Morgoth missed! And after that he just tried to confuse you (or cast brain smash maybe)... The RNG loved you on that win :)

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Re: **QUEEN** Ascii

Post by schroeder » Wed 17.12.2008, 06:43

I'm kinda sad. Because of how much more epic (and lucky) your win was then mine, nobody has said anything on mine...Ah well. Your win was more crazysause. Once again, your welcome with that trade. Turin's wet dream for ringil. Good trade for both of us, since the extra 2bpr helped you *much* more.
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Re: **QUEEN** Ascii

Post by Ace » Wed 17.12.2008, 09:05

This sounds like a scream for attention. :)

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