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*King* Greyshoe IM

Posted: Thu 02.06.2016, 16:11
by greyshoe
Ironman - Fresh reset.

As you can see, a fair amount of my gear had taken a beating. I just hadnt been able to find reasonable Disenchant resist. Did find Anduril on a level with Tarrasque, so I poked him to death with it.

In the end I went into the fight with 32 heals, 3 *heals* and 2 Life pots. Speed before Buff was +21. Finished things off just in time with 2 heals and 1 Life pot left. Began actively looking for him around level 5500 and found a reasonable level to take him on level 5700. All arts have been kicked back out there so go get him. :D

[img][IMG] ... qiwxyn.png[/img][/img]
[img][IMG] ... b0nnxw.png[/img][/img]
[img][IMG] ... pmp94n.png[/img][/img]

Re: *King* Greyshoe IM

Posted: Thu 02.06.2016, 17:28
by Flambard