Variag Plate Mail

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Variag Plate Mail

Post by Warrior » Sun 11.04.2010, 16:26

Variag Plate Mail -6 50 4d4 60.0 75 4 20000
+ 1d2 to Strength, Constitution;
Resist Dark, Chaos, Regeneration, Ignore Elements; Aggravates

N:535:Variag Plate Mail~
A:20/64 : 40/32 : 80/16

A people from the land of Khand, whose warriors fought fiercely as allies or tributaries of Sauron. These people seem to have been considered distinct from both the Easterlings and the Haradrim, but they fought alongside both during the War of the Ring.

"Those who remained in the east, or spread slowly away from Hildórien, remained most strongly under Morgoth's shadow. These were the Men of Darkness, and from them sprang some of the greatest enemies of the Free Peoples: Easterlings, Haradrim, Wainriders, Variags, and doubtless many others besides."

The quality of the metal used in armour deteriorated as armies became bigger and armour was made thicker, necessitating breeding of larger cavalry horses. If during the 14–15th centuries armour seldom weighed more than 15kgs, than by the late 16th century it weighed 25 kg
Plate mail ignored arrows

They strode in authority among them, seemingly as their commanders of their more simple brethren. These were the Variags of Khand, and this fell race seemed a hideous blending of Orc, Man and Troll; great leering sallow-skinned creatures of girth and lumbering strength, taller than the tallest son of Numenor. Their losses were grievous, and since were seen only once in the Wars of Middle-Earth; and in later legend became known as the race of Ogres.
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Re: Variag Plate Mail

Post by PowerWyrm » Tue 13.04.2010, 12:39

Nice story!
Just a little reminder here... such armour would force to implement bpvals for armour such as cloaks and shields to avoid getting Variag Plate Mail of Elvenkind (+5) which would be extremely overpowered. +50 to-ac is probably too much, with two highs it makes the armour better than a Chaos DSM... but of course it aggravates, so why not...

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