Discussions about the proposed new items in MAngband.
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Post by Warrior » Sun 11.04.2010, 16:49

MAngband is a realtime multiplayer variant of Angband but we have only one set of artifacts. This is by choice naturally, we could have added random artifacts but we believe that an artifact should be a rare thing, also in our multiplayer world. In addition, there is a fear that random artifacts would eventually flood the game and such remove the 'magic' of finding an artifact.

To deal with this we have, over the years, added some custom items in order to alleviate the problems occurring when players reach a certain point in the game but do not find some of the artifacts that were originally meant to help them get to the 'next level'. This forum is meant for discussions on items that are supposed to help deal with this lack of artifacts.

Some of the items are base items and others are ego items. Most of these have been designed to be "low level" artifact replacements when they appear alone but high level artifact replacements when they come combined, such as as in a Fiery Whip of Nogrod.

The items suggested by me in this subforum are far from finished, I have a spreadsheet in which I am exploring different options where one of the things I'm working on is determining which base items go together with which ego items. An example may be (as people have commented previously) that it might not make sense to put an "Elvish" ego item on a "Balrog" weapon. Currently however I'm leaning towards believing that the Dwarves had such god-given skills with metallurgy that they would be able to enhance just about any type of base item and turn it into an ego-item.

If you have a suggestion for a new item, please post it in the "Suggestions" thread. If you have comments on a particular item, please reply to that items thread.
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