2 new base bows

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2 new base bows

Post by Ignatius » Fri 22.08.2014, 15:16

Dwarven (or perhaps Orcish ) crossbow
Elven Bow.

both of these should be rare, kina like orcish shield and elven gloves.

dwarven crossbow - +1d2 str/con 4X multiplier
elven bow - +1d2 int/dex/speed 3X multiplier

With these two, getting something like an elven bow with telepathy would be superior to most of the arts except cubby (though getting such a bow would be insanely rare )
The dwarven crossbow of say numenor would be the rough replacement for bow of amrod.

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Re: 2 new base bows

Post by PowerWyrm » Sun 24.08.2014, 18:43

+1 for some shooter with +con

Just came back from holidays to see that my side character (a mage that I use mainly for rescues and looting/selling) lost the two artifacts it was holding. I searched for replacements, but couldn't manage to regain the lost con points from those arts. Since shooter slot is 99% of the time empty for non rangers (either you have one of the arts, a loth with ESP, or nothing, since the other egos are pointless -- unless you desperately need regen for a numenor), it's probably time to add something useful for the late game as replacement.

From the previous post, I would think that the elven bow would be too powerful. And I don't think dwarves shoot stuff ;)
So something like these would be helpful:
- orcish crossbow: +1d2 str/con
- elven bow: +1d2 int/dex
- gnomish sling: +1d3 wis/chr

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