Whelk's Accrued Wisdom

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Re: Whelk's Accrued Wisdom

Post by Warrior » Mon 09.12.2013, 10:20

We really could need more of this, anyone up for the task?
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Re: Whelk's Accrued Wisdom

Post by Avenger » Mon 09.12.2013, 13:17

I've got one. Always detect traps. Yep, the cooldown on the rod is longer then you're going to spend in any given section of the map. Bring another one if you have to. Hell, bring three. Traps are bad.
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Re: Whelk's Accrued Wisdom

Post by Whelk » Sat 14.05.2016, 15:11

Today's wisdom:

If Bullroarer could knock a goblin's head clean off with a club, he can knock yours off, too.

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