The shape of things to come...

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The shape of things to come...

Post by Warrior » Thu 17.05.2012, 20:40

Hi guys.

Just thought I'd post a sneak preview of one of the cool features coming in MAngband 1.2.0, resizeable windows:

Note that due to the resolution, the image may be cropped when viewing it in the forum, you can just click it to see the whole thing (and make sure to see it in full size as well).


I have also included links to a few other pictures in the Screenshots area at - One of them is a real piece of MAngband history and I was happy to re-find the screenshot. Guess which :)

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Re: The shape of things to come...

Post by PowerWyrm » Tue 22.05.2012, 06:57

Mangband 0.5 screenshot wow... that really was a long time ago. I think I started playing MAngband around the 0.7 era... and I feel it has been forever.

I'm still amazed to see a 1.2 screenshot... is that a pseudo 1.2 or compiled from trunk?

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Re: The shape of things to come...

Post by Billsey » Mon 04.06.2012, 05:26

Pretty sure that's a trunk build.
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