Rod of Disarming?

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Rod of Disarming?

Post by Avenger » Tue 19.11.2013, 01:43

Edit: This issue seems to have resolved itself. Odd that it came up at all, though.

Recently, my rod of disarming has not been prompting me for a direction. It just apparently zaps the square I'm on, and nothing else, which is only useful for chests, and quite pointless for floor traps. What gives?

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Re: Rod of Disarming?

Post by Warrior » Tue 19.11.2013, 08:54

There's something about targets being remembered... but it should be possible to set a new target/reset target by targetting something manually I think.
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Re: Rod of Disarming?

Post by PowerWyrm » Tue 19.11.2013, 12:34

This is a known bug with targeting. Press * then ESC to fix the problem (or log out and back in).

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Re: Rod of Disarming?

Post by Gorom » Sun 15.12.2013, 17:49

I have used them multiple times... idk what your problem was but mine work fine

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