insta gib from hounds

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insta gib from hounds

Post by Ignatius » Thu 20.03.2014, 19:43

I have recently pushed my 4 char ironman party down to 3k.

My main concern at this point is instagib from hounds. Specifically, if I cast alter reality, can i end up in the middle of a pack of hounds kinda like when you sometimes move up a ladder and get pushed off the ladder. I have been lucky enough to find a WOG spellbook, and can macro destruction right after alterreality . Does this help? If I macro dest as soon as i alter reality, what are my chances? My dwarf priest has 951 hps at lvl 47.

My priest has cubby and ringil, and has 31 base speed.

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Re: insta gib from hounds

Post by PowerWyrm » Fri 21.03.2014, 10:54

Ignatius wrote:My priest has cubby and ringil, and has 31 base speed.
Then no, you cannot be instagibbed unless the autoretaliator wastes the first turn, that is if the character is generated next to a hound. In this case, you're screwed. The only way to avoid it is indeed to macro an action, like *destruction*, to ensure that you will bypass the autoretaliator and act before the hounds.

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