MAngband 1.5.0 released

1st April 2019

10 years in the making, the next major MAngband version is finally here.

There are many exciting improvments, like time bubbles and nicer UI, while the core gameplay should remain pretty much the same. Here is the full changelog.

You will have to download a new client to play. Windows users should back-up and uninstall previous versions of the client.

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MAngband 1.5.0 beta test

14th March 2019

MAngband 1.5.0 is scheduled for release on April 1st 2019. That means two things:

You have 2 weeks to finish off your regular/ironman characters on main servers and make it to the 1.1.4/1.4.0 highscore table.

You have 2 weeks to report any bugs or anything else, that is not to your liking on the preview server.

Join the beta test!

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MAngband preview server

11th February 2019

We're finally gearing up for the next major release. It's time to give our preview server a good shake-down. The preview server is currently in the alpha status, meaning we expect horrible bugs, regressions, things being broken or otherwise wrong. But you can help! Join the test!

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Forums are back

10th February 2019

We have restored our forum. At the moment we are not accepting new registrations, as we'd like our old players to retain their old accounts. If you can't login, try using the "forgot password" link, and if that doesn't work either, ask on Discord.

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MAngband v1.4.0

1st December 2018

A change of strategy will see frequent and small incremental changes to the game. This is the first of these new MAngband releases.

This release brings combining of wands and staves and stacking of rods, you won't find the same artifacts over and over again, and some other small changes. Full list of changes is here. You don't need to download a new client.

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Updated Windows Client (v1.1.4)

29th November 2018

A new version of the Windows client is available in the downloads area. This is a bug fix release, mostly fixing the crash on chat and problems with saving config files. This version doesn't need administrator access to install. Full change list is here.

We recommend you uninstall your current client before installing this, or things might get wierd. Note that if you have saved macros or window layout ensure you copy the existing files before uninstalling. The file C:\Program Files (x86)\mangband\mangclient.ini and the files in C:\Program Files (x86)\mangband\lib\user\. If you need help, ask in Discord.

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25th November 2018

Rumour has it that the Temple has found a supplier for Potions of Healing.

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Artifacts & Upgrades

22nd November 2018

Artifacts are now automatically removed from inactive players. The server (main server, not ironman) frequently checks if any player character has been inactive for more than 60 days, if so, any artifacts are removed from that character and put back in the game. At the time of this post there are now 123 artifacts available to find!

Additionally the servers have been updated to version 1.1.4, which, amongst some technical fixes, addresses an old issue with some monsters, like hounds and Quylthulgs getting to cast or breathe more often than they should. No client update is required.

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New Website

18th November 2018

20 years of MAngband! 10 years since the last website rebuild! We've built a brand new website from the ground up which will hopefully cover us for the next 10 years! The old website is still online at for a while.

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Moved to Discord

30th October 2018

The old IRC channel is abandoned and we've set-up home in Discord, a modern alternative. We've integrated the game servers into the Discord server and a new mangbot provides the old features such as monster and artifact information, in-game chat, etc.

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MAngband v1.1.3 Released

27th May 2016

The MAngband Project Team releases version 1.1.3 of MAngband. This is a minor, bug fix and compatibility release for both client and server.

Lots of various binaries were prepared for your convenience, see the Download page. Checkout the What's New page for a list of changes in this release.

If you are currently running a private MAngband 1.1.X server you should be able to upgrade to this version without loss of savefiles or data, but please make a backup just in case.

This is not a major release you've been waiting for, sorry. We're working on it. In the meantime, make sure to play some PWMangband!

- The MAngband Project Team

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Something is going on

31st March 2016

We really are working on the server, promise!

In the meantime, you can grab the binaries (and sources) here:

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Server explosion

28th August 2015

Our server exploded in a ball of light. We're working on it. Game server is back online and accessable via the standard game client...

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Happy Holidays (aka The house expansion project)

23rd December 2013

Background: Our server instance has had a very long life, which in turn means that we've had (and have) quite a few high level players.
While this naturally is good and well, the downside to it is that there aren't many large houses available to the active players these days. Some level 50's find themselves forced stay in the houses they bought at level 30 and I'm sure most will agree that if you've played enough to get to level 50, it's only fair to be "rewarded" with a proper home.

The way that house generation currently works is this; the game generates a certain amount of houses, randomly placed and sized in town and the surrounding suburbs. This is a one time thing, generate once - and you're stuck with it.
Anyway: In order to resolve the shortage of nice big homes we've decided to just increase the size of some existing houses!

Go to the Huge House Wishlist! for more details.

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Ironman High-Scores

14th April 2013

Well, you asked for it here and here, and now it is reality! We now have a ladder for Ironman!

For the moment only dead characters will appear, but the ones who are still alive will be included shortly :-)

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New Project Team member!

1st March 2013

Long time player and contributor Thorbear has now officially joined the team! Thorbear is a fine chap who knows his way around the code as well as the dungeon, a combination that is most useful :)

So please give him a warm welcome!

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Java client

14th February 2012

While the dev team is slacking off, evileye brings us a java client for mangband. I should add that it sports BSD license, which might be a welcomed change for some developers out there. It's in alpha stage, but should be playable.

In other late news, we got our first winner on the new instance, and it's PowerWyrm :) Congratulations!

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Instance reset

11th September 2011

Both game servers are now running new instances.

Sorry about your saves. There was a power failure that resulted in save-file corruption, and our back-up mechanism turned out to be broken. Thus, after serving us for many years, the flagship instance is retired. Yeah, the reset should have been epic, and instead it's pretty lame. Nonetheless, enjoy the fresh world!

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Server restored!

25th January 2011

As of today, is fully restored. Sorry it took so long. There's still some polishing to do, but everything, including account sign up, should work again. As always, please report any encountered problems to the forums or IRC.

- Flambard 22th April 2011

Sadly, suffered a malicious attack which took the server offline. A partial service has now been restored. The game server is online, and we expect there to be no loss of data.

We continue to work hard on restoring the website.

- Jug 10th January 2011

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Ironman Competition (please vote)

29th June 2010

We've been thinking about having another Ironman Contest sometime this summer and would like to arrange this at a time where as many as possible would be able to participate.

Previous competitions lasted one month, which I think may be a little bit too long so I'll throw out some suggestions here for dates and duration.

Please also post here about what specific dates you'd prefer with each option (such as July 2'nd to July 9th for example).

There would be prizes for the deepest depth reached as well as for the highest level. In addition there may be a prize for the deepest unique killed, the exact details will be fleshed out later.

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More houses available!

15th November 2009

Starting today, all houses owned by characters who have been inactive for more than 12 months will be reset. This is a change from the initial 6 month limit, which was deemed to be too strict. A handful of players were affected by the initial limit, if your character should happen to be among these and you would like the action revoked, contact me and we'll discuss it.

15-16 houses reset so far. The contents of the houses are either placed in the character that owned it, sold, or placed in temporary characters, the exact solution depends on the amount of contents, the quality and worth of the inventory and so on. An inscription has been placed on an item in the inventory of the previous owner, stating that the house(s) were sold due to inactivity. If items were moved to a temporary character the charactername/password is also inscribed on an item.

We appreciate that our players may have the need to step away from the game every now and then, but for the greater good of the community we consider it fair, as long as there is a housing shortage, to reset the houses of characters who have not played within the last year. If anyone have strong feelings for or against this, please discuss below.

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Server rollback

5th September 2009

Due to a corruption with savefiles we had to restore the server from a backup made on September the 3'rd.
All affected characters have had their chance to report any unfortunate effects of this in the forums and we consider the case closed.
Should there be any questions, please send me an email or reply to the forum thread.

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IRC server change

7th May 2009

We're moving our IRC channels to a new home. Starting May 8th, mangband IRC Channels will be located on the freenode network, moving from
To connect, use, or pick a server from their list.

Although we are not moving until May 8th, it is encouraged that you visit the new network and register your chat name before someone else registers it.
You can register your nickname by using the command
/msg nickserv register
from the nickname that you would like to use. Our channel is also already setup there so you can join #mangband.

We hope that this does not cause any problems for anyone and we really look forward to seeing you online.

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MAngband v1.1.2 Released

27th April 2009

The MAngband Project Team releases version 1.1.2 of MAngband. This is a bug fix and compatibility release for both client and server.

This time, not only Windows users get binaries at the Download page. Checkout the What's New page for a list of changes in this release.

If you are currently running a private MAngband 1.1.X server you should be able to upgrade to this version without loss of savefiles or data, but please take a backup just in case.

- The MAngband Project Team

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More artifacts available!

23rd November 2008

Perhaps the most frequent complaint from players over the years has been the way inactive players can hoard artifacts forever if they'd like. One of the first things the MAngband project team did was to make it impossible to house artifacts and today we've made another change. Starting today, all artifacts on inactive players (not logged in the last two months) will be reset. An extra 20% artifacts are now findable again :)
[23:54] [Crimson] a Phial
[23:54] [Jug] cool
[23:55] [Crimson] that might be the first time I've ever found it.
[23:55] [Crimson] in 10 years. :)

The effects are already being noticed, go get yours!

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Congratulations to our Winners!

9th November 2008

On behalf of the MAngband Project Team I would like to congratulate our winners!

Congratulations to King Turin who won in September with a Dwarf Priest! (The first winner of this instance)

Congratulations to Queen Zal who won twice (!) in October, once with ZalMagus a Hobbit Mage and then again with ZalMag a Gnome Mage!

Well done! You take your place in MAngband history and of course your rightful places on the High Score Chart.

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MAngband v1.1.1 Released

19th August 2008

The MAngband Project Team proudly release version 1.1.1 of MAngband. This is a bug fix release and there is both a new client and server available.

Windows installers are available on the Download page, the full sources are also available for other platforms. Checkout the What's New page for a list of changes in this release.

If you are currently running a private MAngband 1.1.0 server you should be able to upgrade to this version without loss of savefiles or data, but please take a backup just in case.

- The MAngband Project Team

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MAngband Server v1.1.0 Final Release

19th July 2008

The MAngband Project Team proudly release the final version of MAngband 1.1.0 Server

A Windows installer for the server has been packaged and is available on the Download page, the full sources are available also for other platforms.

If you are currently running a private MAngband 1.1.0-beta-2 server you should be able to upgrade to this version without loss of savefiles or data. Checkout the What's New page for a list of changes since 1.1.0 beta 2.

Players do not need to download and install an updated client.

- The MAngband Project Team

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The Official 1.1.0 Server is Live!

31st March 2008

The official version 1.1.0 server is now online and ready for play! You'll need to download the latest client from the Download page. Be sure to check out the What's New page too! Thanks to members of the project team, past and present. Thanks to all those of you who have played and reported bugs and suggested fixes!

This is expected to be a long term instance and there are no plans to reset it.

Have fun, see you in the dungeon!

- The MAngband Project Team

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Server reset

29th March 2008

The server will be reset on Monday 31st March.
The reset is necessary in order to upgrade the server to 1.1.0

-- The MAngband Project Team

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The 1.1.0 beta server is live!

16th March 2008

The beta server is now online and we would like to invite everyone to playtest it.
To connect to the beta server you will need a special client which is available for download on The Public Beta Test page.

-- The MAngband Project Team

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Public MAngband 1.1.0 beta test server

14th March 2008


We recently sat down to evaluate the progress we've made the last few months and realized we were actually closer to our vision of 1.1.0 than expected so we decided to complete that work. Now we're ready and we need your help! Starting Monday 17th March there will be a public beta test server at, which you will need a special test client to play on. Since it's a beta server the client may need updates as we (you!) find bugs. This special client will be available from the download page. We encourage everyone to try out the new features and keep an eye open for bugs (and report them) but most of all just play and have fun! :)

We'll run this in parallel with the main server so you will be able to play on both, mind you however that the current instance (1.0.0) will be replaced by a permanent 1.1.0 server once the beta test period is over. See dates below.

The current schedule is:

Monday 17th March - Public beta test begins
Monday 31st March - Beta ends. Server reset and new instance is begun!

-- The MAngband Project Team

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New Year News

27th December 2007

I'm pleased to bring you a holiday news update on behalf of the team!

We're excited that things have gone so well thus far. All the old bugs which have troubled MAngband players over the years have hopefully been fixed and many enhancements to the game have been added, with more on the way! Work towards rebalancing the game based on Angband 3.0.6 is going very well and it'll be great to see tougher challenges for the experienced players, and a better deal for the less experienced or new player.

When will all this be available on the main server? We're currently hoping to update both the client and the server sometime in February (probably more towards the end of the month).

In the run up to release we are now maintaining a simple list of changes since the last version. We'll keep this list updated with the latest changes as we move towards release date.

For latest changes see: The Changelog

For the technical minded folk we have finally completed configuration of our project development environment (we hope!) to which full access is now available. Source code for all development branches is available online as well as full access to all the technical details regarding fixes and enhancements.

For obtaining source code see: Obtaining Source Code

I hope you have a great new year and see you in the dungeon soon!

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Welcome to the new!

5th December 2007

What's changed?

The Game Server
You should be able to login as usual, all characters and progress have been preserved. We have fixed some bugs and made a few minor tweaks here and there, more detailed information is available below.

If you use a very old or customised client to play the game you may be unable to connect. The vast majority of players will not be effected by this. If you are effected, you will be directed to download a supported client when you login.

The server has moved from America to Europe. European players will experience a bit less lag than in the past, US players will experience a bit more. Effectively European players will experience what US players have for the last 10 years, and US players will experience what European players have. This seems somewhat fair.

The Forums
These have undergone some restructuring and consolidation, this process is ongoing so please bear with us as posts are moved to their correct locations and we continue to tidy up.

There has been, and will continue to be, an effort to separate developer technical chat from the standard player chat.

The Website
Although the website has changed it's look, not much else would seem to have changed. Some old out of date documentation has not been copied across from the old site, an effort is under way to provide more up to date documentation.

Under the hood the technology supporting the website has changed quite a bit, expect to soon see several game integrated features, such as online character dumps and ladders.

The IRC Server
Although currently still available, will be shutdown within two months or so. Please update your settings to connect to now. Channel #mangband will continue (even after this shutdown) to provide a place to hang out and provide a link to the in game chat.

Developer/Project Changes

The information that follows is not required reading to play the game, but is intended for developers and whomever else might be interested.

Crimson has passed the MAngband torch on to the “MAngband Project Teamâ€

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Moving Day - footnote

2nd December 2007


Those of you connecting to, should change your settings now to connect to which will divert your connection to a suitable irc server.

A few forum users will be allocated new usernames, and should use these when logging in to the new forums.  These users are: Sandor, Dengue_of_Malador, Marv, Fink, Lopper, Thorbear and Idas (those are your new user names).

Depending on your Internet Service Provider will be unavailable from between 1 hour and 48 hours.  For the vast majority of people it should be available again sooner rather than later.

Please bear with us during this move and shortly after as we settle in.  Any problems, please join channel #mangband in irc.

- Jug (on behalf of the MAngband Project Team)

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Moving Day

27th November 2007

On Tuesday, December 5th, 2007, MAngband begins a new era.

Finally admitting both to myself and the community that I simply no longer have the time to properly support the game,
I have delegated control and stewardship of it to a much more dedicated team of people, who have already started making
massive advances towards getting us up and running on 1.0 stable, as well as a much more structured development cycle.

I have been honored to have sat in stewardship of the game for these many years, and I deeply appreciate both the trust,
patience, and support I have received from the community at large during this time.

I will, of course, continue to participate in the game, and look forward to talking, and playing with the group.


Robert L. Seifer


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